About Us

M E E T  Sharon T HE   H E A R T 

Raising Alexander and Melanie and the (sometimes forced) family fun they were capable of having together is where Sharon’s joyful spirit toward winter stems from. She reminisces on the days of rosy cheeks, runny noses, cold little hands, and the warm cups of cocoa shared as a family. Over the years, winter has brought many forms of togetherness to her life which she strives to extend to others. To Sharon, this camaraderie we all share in Minnesota’s harshest season is the heart of Stick it to Winter, not only for our family but also for yours.


M E E T  Rick T H E   F I R E

Perspective is what drives Rick through winter – he faces it head on and chooses not to endure it, but rather to embrace it. The fire within this attitude pushes him to constantly find new ways to enjoy the few months we have of this unique, beautiful season. Some of his favorite winter activities are snowboarding, cross country skiing, building snow forts, helping neighbors shovel, and simply putzing around in the snow.  Even when winter puts up a fight, Rick continues to Stick it to Winter, give it all he has, and lend a hand along the way.


M E E T  Alexander T H E   C H I E F

Although Alexander spent the last ten years away from Minnesota, he carried his roots across the US to experience winter in new places. His passion for winter led to a career as a top certified snowboard and ski instructor, giving him the opportunity to teach, play, and share all winter has to offer with people from around the world. Alexander has always thrived from the winter adventures of jumping off the bus and running for the sledding hill, pond hockey with his buddies, football in the snow with the neighborhood kids, or riding down the mountain on a blue bird day. When Stick it to Winter came to life, he moved back to Minnesota to begin his biggest winter adventure yet and he is excited for you to be part of it!


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with L O V E from our family to yours